Saturday, April 19, 2008

Opening Day #2

I went Fishing this morning for the second opening day of the Trout Season here. They have two stockings, so therefore two opening days. Before I explain what happened today, let me tell you about opening day #1.

I wanted to go early in the morning. The Creek was opened officially at 5:30 in the morning. I slept in until about 8, then I went up and sat on the side of the creek watching everyone else catch a fish, while none of them wanted to bite anything I put in front of their faces. So about Noon, I left defeated by a bunch of silly fish.

Then, I was talking to some friends at work and they wanted to go fishing last week. We got up early in the morning on Friday and fished all day and didn't get anything. We did notice that the second stocking was to be the following week (this last week) and planned to go today to see how many we could get. The three of us showed up at the stream at 5:30. We were having a bit of bad luck so we decided to go farther up stream to a few different spots. Throughout the morning, my two companions were able to get two each (although we all had several t hat either got off the hook before we could land them, or in my case, two five inch bass that I threw back). We found a pretty good spot and could see the fish following our lures. They didn't seem to tire of the lures, so we kept trying. Finally I hooked him, got him landed, and strung up on my string. Then since we had all caught at least one and were tired from getting up early, we decided to head home. Here is a photo of the one I caught right before I cleaned it. Not the best trout I have ever caught, but not to shabby for my first trout in Maryland.