Friday, May 09, 2008

I have no job.

Now before you get too worried, it is just for the weekend. You see, I was offered a government position and my first day as a government worker is Monday. So, of course I needed to resign as a contractor. So just for the weekend, I technically have no job. I will however get only half a paycheck next payday because of the offset in pay periods between the contractor and the government. I will however be sitting in the same chair, at the same desk, doing the same work with the same people. The only real differences are the color of my badge, and the company listed on my paycheck, and of course the salary went up a bit. The good news is that I will be put on an accelerated promotion schedule, so I should be getting paid more of what I am worth soon.

With my family gone to Washington to visit Grandma, there's not much going on here. I'll let Reighlyn tell you all about that though.

Take care.