Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Family Camping Trip of 2007

This is only the first FAMILY camping trip. Both Alma and Patrick already attended the Father/Son Campout earlier this year. We went with our good friends here (Katri-mom, Sami-5 year old girl, and Amber- 6wks younger than Patrick). We went to Loam's Pond, in Deleware. It is about a 45 min. drive from us and is East of us. We used our friend's camera for most of the trip because it is better than ours so this is just of packing up the tents. I'll put some more on when we get copies of the other pictures. But, as it is, here are some pictures...

Me taking Patrick away from the road for the 100th time. Alma loving the open spaces.

Sami and Alma taking pictures and saying hi. Patrick being a ham.

The kids running circles around Katri and me while we were trying to take down Katri's tents. Kevin, of course was watching and laughing at us at this point because he'd already gotten ours taken down and put away. He was good and entertained the kids later, by the way. He even helped pack the cars after that too! :o)

Here I am holding Amber. I think she looks like a little fairy in this picture. She just needs some little wings. Well, that's all we've got so, Bye for now!

Something Old, Something New

In celebration of Alma's 3rd birthday and his one week anniversary of him being out of diapers full time we took a picture of him on his way into church.

Here Alma is with his Daddy. He is sporting is new "Big Boy Tie" which I actually bought to cut down for him, but he loved it so much that we let him wear it the way it was for his birthday.

Here is Alma showing off his new tie in his Nursery class, in which he is now the second oldest child. Alma's birthday happened to coenside with Patrick's 17 month mark so Patrick was finally allowed to attend Nursery (with parental supervision, until he's 18 months officially). We'd told Alma this so when we opened the door to let Alma into Nursery he told his teacher,"Today's my birthday and Patrick is invited!" and with that he took his brother's hand and in they went. Why wouldn't that have explained everything?

Here is Patrick on his first visit to Nursery. Wow, that teacher is tall! He was looking a little nervous only for this picture and then he ran off to play with a toy he recognised. He's been waiting for months to finally get to stay and play in here. Only a few more weeks to go now until he gets to stay and play the whole time unsupervised! Yeah! Mommy and Daddy are excited.

Alma is showing Patrick the ropes here, helping him find toys to play with and introducing him to other kids.

Here is Alma "helping" his brother rock on the rocking horse. He didn't actually need any help, but you know, since Patrick is still a little boy and all, of course he actually did need some help getting it going right. Just the second before this picture Alma had the back of that horse actually about a foot off the ground and Patrick was barely hanging on. But, well, his intentions were good. That is probably the real reason for the parental make sure the older siblilngs don't kill the younger ones while the teacher learns to recognize who is related.

A Little Cuteness To Brighten The Day

Oh, right. Most people want to see the kids! I remember that now. Well, here is some of that cuteness too....

That was Alma and Patrick just after they'd been cleaned up from Kevin's birthday cake. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of them with the cake still on! Oh, well, Maybe next time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

To Go or Not To Go?

We have decided To Go. To the Henry Family Reunion that is. So, we just got the tickets! Yeah! We will be arriving on Tuesday and leave on Tuesday (not the same Tuesday, of course!). More details to come...