Sunday, July 01, 2007

What would you do for your brother?

Catch a 27 inch TV with your nose maybe? Well, guess what? Alma would. Well, he did it this last Friday anyway, weither he wanted to or not is still up for debate. Here are some before and after pictures and then I'll tell the story...

This first picture was obviously afterwards.

This of Patrick and Alma after playing in the sprinklers is a before of Alma's nose.

Here is an after side shot.

Here is one of the bump on his nose by his right eye.

This is a picture of all of the stickers that Alma got in the Emergency Room.

So, Here is the story...

Kevin and I were in the kitchen for just a couple of minutes and we could hear the kids playing in the livingroom one wall away from us while they watched a kids'show on TV when all of the sudden we hear a loud thud and lots of crying! When we rush into the living room Patrick (the 1 1/2 year old is standing on our TV stand (it's about 18" high and a platform type) saying "Uh oh. Uh oh." And Alma (the 3 year old) is standing in front of the TV (which is laying on it's screen on the floor). Alma was the one crying even though neither were under the TV. It was while we had set them both on opposite ends of the couch and Kevin was picking up the TV that we notice a big purple bruise forming on Alma's nose and by his eye! Well since of course all accidents happen while the doctor's office is already closed for the weekend, off we went to the ER. On the way we deciphered that Patrick had climbed up on the TV stand and was trying to squeeze himself into the little space he could see on the other side of the TV which had unknowingly nudged the TV towards the edge of the stand and Alma had stood up to try and push it back onto the stand when it fell on him. Wow, huh. There are alot of opportunities in there for the kids to have been more hurt then this. Well, we got into a room quick but then waited for about an hour to be seen. So, while we waited we ate most of the bag of frozen corn that had been on Alma's eye when we came to the ER (since I'd just finished cooking dinner when we left home). Alma got a stuffed crab and Patrick got a stuffed bear for waiting so well, and they both got coloring books about a tooth-brush and then we got x-rays of Alma's nose and since it turned out (thankfully) to not be broken we were packed up with a new ice pack and some motrin to wait for the bruise to get better on it's own. Ta-da! A little tramatic, yes. Tiring, yes. Eventful, yes. All done, yes yes yes! So there you have it, the story of Alma's brave nose. Enjoy the pictures, be greatful for the long prayers your mothers always give asking Heavenly Father to watch out for you and we'll post again for our next great adventure, when we find out what that'll be. Life is never dull in a day with Super Alma and the adventurous Patty-cake! Love you all! -Us-