Saturday, February 16, 2008

So... I guess I've been tagged.

One comment on the randomness of the things that could count as random:

Although randomness implies no pattern or order, one can argue that any sequence of things could be randomly generated. This would mean that some things that one would say are not random truely could be, so it shouldn't matter how random others think your things are, but if you yourself generated them in a random way.

On that note:
1. We went to the car wash last night.
2. Our turtle Franky didn't hibernate very well this year.
3. We are rearranging our bedroom furniture today.
4. Patrick has a cough.
5. Our living room plant hasn't been watered in a month or two, and is still green.
6. Our DVD player broke.
7. I like to get Double Gulps from 7-Eleven.

There, that ought to be random enough for some people.

Now I would tag Michelle Willford, Mom, and Michael Bateman.

P.S. If Mom needs help getting a blog, I can assist her in doing so.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Alley Cats, Robots, and Trick-or-Treating! Oh, My!

"I'm an Alley Cat!" <--Name that movie.

Complete with bandaged tail, this homemade creation that my mom made for my older brother to wear when I was just a baby, (Sorry Mom, I somehow lost the black mittens.) was Patrick's first of many choices of costumes. Patrick loved to pretend to be each thing we asked him if he was interested in dressing up as, but since we had this costume and it fit him just right we decided to stick with his first choice. Patrick was a brave little cat roaring at the scary houses when we trick-or-treated to them. Patrick Loved being an alley cat and carrying around his tail when he wasn't eating candy. Meow.
(Side note: The bandaged tail was to fix the original hole put in the tail by my big brother Nathaniel, and added to by my little sister Camilla from dragging it on the sidewalks trick-or-treating)

A little robot dance from Alma before we head out. I made his pants myself, and Kevin helped Alma make the box/body. They wrapped a box from Baby Wipes in real shiny tape for ducts (fancy duct tape) and then took turns drawing on it with permanent marker. (side note: Alma was a robot last year too and loved it so much that he would only consider being anything else if he could be it while still being a robot. Cowboy Robot anyone?)

"Beep! Beep! Trick-or-Treat!" and "Meow! Nandy?"

Hee hee hee! I see candy!

This is at the Trunk-or-Treat at the church.

Halloween Mommy!

A Culturizing Day

Baltimore Museum of Art with friends: Katri (Mom), Sami, and Amber Lein, also Campbell Anderson. The inside was great. The mini replicas of Victorian homes was the favorite, next to the outdoor "art garden". The latter was the very best because we could all run and touch everything. Oct. 2007

Not A Box

Look up the book, it's the best. And so are these guys.

Our Little...Princess?!

Alma doesn't think so.

And Patrick gave me the crazy eye!

Love That Fruit!

What?! You think caffeine is the only way to wake up your day? I beg to differ.

One Little Fishy Face

Cute, cute, cute. This one's for you Auntie 'Milla!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Photo Timer Check

Just hold still for a Minute! No, NEXT to your Brother! Come on, back the way you were. Ugh. Ok, just smile. No, back by your brother! Hold still!
Well, here's to our quick and sneaky, silly boys!

Biggest Fish Award

This is the biggest fish that Kevin caught this year, it was in the middle of October. It's a big ol' catfish and it almost got away when the line broke as it was within a foot of the shore, so we scooped it up with the cooler and managed to bring it home! Alma and Patrick were jumping up and down saying, "Go Daddy Go!"
Way to go Kevin!

Beautiful Maryland

I love our backyard, and it is pictures like this that keeps me loving it through the cold cold winter.

Does Anyone Have a Kid Shrinker I Can Borrow?

Patrick on the left, Alma on the right. 'Nuff said.

The Wicked Taketh The Truth To Be Hard, Also Do The Wiggly

And the scarring continues...

We only went to the church building for one session of the General Conference this fall and we came home with blood spilled. That doesn't happen much in North America nowadays, does it?Well, so here is the story: As we were getting ready to leave Patrick decided to jump from one folding chair, next to the last pew in the chapel, onto another folding chair next to it and neither Kevin nor I were able to reach him in time to catch him before his little foot hit the edge of the first chair and flung him chin first into the edge of the pew! Ouch! So he got bandaged up in the parking-lot from the emergency kits and we took the sad, bloody boy home. But, incase you were wondering, keeping anything on the face of a boy under 2 years old, bandage or not, is neary impossible and so we have a few pictures of his cute little now scarred chin. He is so proud. Enjoy.

Fishy Love in September

Kevin and Alma have loved fishing this year, since they both got fishing poles for their birthdays (2 weeks apart) back in May and June, so here is a couple of pictures of the proud fishermen with one of their prizes from a Saturday evening adventure.

Name that photo!

These two photos are really cute and fun, but I can't quite figure out what to title them, so if anybody has any suggestions we would love to hear them. The one of Alma is of him making a hand sign that his Uncle Christopher taught him--or it might have been Aunt Becky, I can't remember anymore--, and the one of Patrick is his expectant, sneaky joy caused by him stealing the bag of raisins from me without me noticing, too bad they were still closed. So, submit away and leave us some good names in the comments section, please! Love you all! Enjoy!