Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

We went out to a local pumpkin patch this last Saturday and found us a couple of pumpkins. We went on a hayride to the field and then walked in the mud til Alma found the perfect one, he was very cute! The "perfect one" by the way means one that he could pick up, wasn't rotten, and made a nice thumping sound when he wacked it a couple of times. Mostly that he could pick it up though. We took a few pictures: <-- photos no longer available here

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Family Update Oct 2005

We are doing very well here in Maryland. We really like the East Coast and the closeness of the historic locations from our town. The most recent place we visited was the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July. That was only 2 ½ hours to drive to!
Kevin is still loving his job. He gets to have fun doing things he likes all day and is required to take every other Friday off! Oh well, more time for his motorcycle, I guess!
Reighlyn is still loving her work too. She is loving the Laurel Class, which she teaches on Sundays (when one of the two remaining girls is there), and really enjoying developing the Enrichment’s Children’s Class better. She has also been working to finish up some sewing projects that have been on hold for about a year, since Alma was really into trying to eat them before now.
We have both been enjoying watching our son Alma (now 16 months old) learn and grow! Alma’s newest words are elbow (which sounds like elbow-bow), and Peanut Butter (which sounds like eenut bubber), and he loves to go to the park and slide--all the time. Recently we bought a new little Potty Seat for Alma because he’s been very interested in sitting on the toilet. We haven’t started potty training with him or anything, or even expect him to become so, but we figure we’ll encourage his curiosity and if he did end up getting potty trained we sure wouldn’t mind!
We are also enjoying getting ready for our newest edition: A baby boy we are expecting to deliver in the beginning of January! This pregnancy seems to be going just as good (pretty well) as the last one and since the due date is Jan. 4th friends here are beginning to put in guesses weather we will have a new year’s baby or not, but since Alma was 4 days over his due date, we have no idea! Although we wouldn’t mind a Dec. 31 baby to help with Taxes either!
We hope you are all doing well! This is our update for now!
Love, Kevin, Reighlyn, Alma, and Baby Henry