Sunday, May 15, 2005

Father and Son Outing

Sorry it's been a week since it actually happened, but I thought I'd do it now before I forgot. Last Weekend, Alma and I went to the Ward's Father and Son campout. It was at Susquehanna State Park here in Maryland. Just up the river from where it empties into the bay. We had a fun time, until it was time for his nap. Apparently he thought he would miss out on some fun. So after a while of him crying in the tent, I decided that he wasn't going to nap, so I got him back out. Then we went to the campfire skit thingy that they were just starting, I thought he would end up falling asleep in my arms, but he stayed awake through the whole thing. When it was time to go to bed, he didn't fuss as much as I thought, so he must have realized that he was tired. I was a little worried that he would get cold, so after he was asleep I made sure he was all covered up. In the morning I checked his hands and face to see if he stayed warm or not, and he did. I was glad. In the morning the ward had a riverside Priesthood restoration commemorization ceremony. I had almost forgotten that it was on the Susquehanna River that it was restored. I also learned that it is kind of a tradition for the children to be baptized in the same river that Joseph Smith was. After we got back to camp and had breakfast, everyone went on hikes or fishing, or whatever. I thought that we would look at some of the local historic stuff, but when we got there we learned that it wasn't open until 1:00 in the afternoon, and it was about 9:30, so we decided to go home since Alma was falling asleep again. When we got home we learned that Reighlyn had stayed up until 6:00 in the morning. Apparently she missed us or something and was watching movies to distract herself. When Alma saw her, he go so excited and was "telling her all about it." He actually didn't stop for about an hour, so he must have had a lot of fun.

Since then, he has gotten a lot better at walking. He can walk across the room pretty regularly. He can stand up by himself in the middle of the floor and pick something up off the floor while standing, so he is awfully close to starting to run, so the fun is about to get a lot faster. He is still a bit wobbly at times, so we do have a few days of just walking to go.

For Mother's Day Alma and I went to the Dollar Store and picked out some fake flowers and a ballon to give Reighlyn. It was fun to "Hide" them from her until Mother's Day actually came, and She enjoyed them when we gave them to her. We also fixed her Breakfast-In-Bed. and gave her some cards. She had a good Mother's Day and really enjoyed it.

That's about all for now, so check back later for more.